Marshall’s Buskirk Hall honors student workers

Buskirk Hall kicks off a new event, ‘Buskirk Worker of the Week’, to highlight the efforts of student workers. 

The hall residents are allowed to vote amongst the current resident advisors and desk workers for who they think deserves the most recognition.  

This week, Buskirk’s third floor RA, Whitney Chapman, was given the honor of being recognized and having her picture hung up throughout the building.  

Chapman, who is a video production major at Marshall, said that the nomination came as both a huge surprise and a huge relief. 

“I was completely unaware of being nominated, awarded until my residents brought it to my attention,” Chapman said. “In all honesty, it was actually reassuring to be awarded that. It reminded me of why I took this job and wanted to be apart of this community in the first place.” 

Chapman said that she believes that this is good method to show support for student workers like herself, who need support. She hopes this display of support will go beyond just this award. 

“I think it’s a great way for all of us to be shown appreciation, but I definitely think we could get even more recognition from Housing and Residence Life,” Chapman said. “It can feel like you’re stuck when you don’t have any support or any recognition. I think the best way to show that recognition can be done through their actions.” 

Morgan Rash, who is a resident on Chapman’s assigned floor, said that she thinks the nomination and award is well deserved.  

“Whenever I have any issues, whether it’s school related or not, Whitney always listens to my problems and offers advice,” Rash said. “It’s just really comforting knowing somebody is there to help and support you, so I definitely think if anyone deserves this, it’s her.” 

Chapman said that despite the challenges that come with the job, as well as the pressures of the pandemic, being a resident advisor has been one of her best decisions. 

“Being an RA is one heck of an experience. It helps you grow while also helping other people,” Chapman said. “If you’re looking to find a place or a community that you feel like you can impact in a positive light, then this is definitely a good job for you.” 

Miranda Valles can be contacted at [email protected]