Jessica Kern Huff host panel on empowering Black women

Jessica Kern Huff, CEO and CFO of Jessica Kern Foundation and wife of Marshall’s football coach, Charles Huff, held a virtual panel discussing mental health, personal narrative formation and the roles of being a successful Black woman.


“It took a village to get to where I am today,” Huff said. “No, not a village — a tribe. A village is everyone around you, but your tribe is the people who are really there for you.”


Huff said it is important to recognize one’s village from one’s tribe because the tribe is comprised of people who can be trusted to provide support in both their words and their actions.


“Everybody can talk a good game, but everybody can’t help when your solutions outweigh your excuses,” Huff said. “When your solutions outweigh your excuses, you have a shot.”


Huff said her personal testimonies of being a “girl boss” and becoming successful are products of her own faith and work ethic.


“On my worst day, I still have to outwork, look better and be classier than my counterparts to get a shot,” Huff said.


Huff addressed issues within the Black community that she said she believes are barriers to gaining mutual support from peers and ultimately making everyone more successful.


“People of color, for some reason, it is not a common thing for us to say we can all get a piece of the pie, and I do not know why,” Huff said. “I want you to understand you are the generation of young people to make a difference, to not make it even more difficult out here for all of us to eat.”


Huff said she intentionally tries to break this stigma and goes out of her way to help other people of color, particularly women.


“I have absolutely no problem showing anybody my business plan because I believe it, and I know my passion in my heart at the end of the day supersedes anything,” Huff said.


She said that despite how far life has taken her, she wants young people to know that while money is important, connections with people are invaluable.


“You can have $1 million in the bank and still be broke. How does that happen?” Huff said. “You are emotionally empty, but you are unstoppable when you don’t get to the point in your life where your accolades supersede your divine calling us on this earth just to get a medal.”

Huff says she believes God is surrounding herself and Coach Huff with a phenomenal and supportive staff.


“Our job is to serve always on what’s right on the side of right now and we’re really excited to be here,” Huff said. “We pray that we’re not only bringing energy. We pray that we’re bringing help, and I pray that the unconditional love that we have, I just ask that you give me every part of you because I want to take it to the next level.”


Takira Williams, the President of Black United Students, said that Mrs. Huff’s virtual panel was personal, natural and moving.

“Hearing Mrs. Huff speak virtually was very influential and groundbreaking, [and] the energy through the virtual screens was screaming positivity and support,” Williams said. “I could just imagine and can’t wait to see how she graces the presence of others physically.”


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