Police Blotter

Possession of Controlled Substance  

On March 10, at 3:39 p.m., police said a bystander flagged them down and told them an unconscious woman was lying on the sidewalk at the 1500 Block of Fourth Avenue. Police said that when they arrived, they found the 50-year-old woman still unconscious on the sidewalk. Police said the woman was blue in the face and hands and unresponsive. Police said they rendered first aid to the woman, administering two doses of Narcan. Police said that after the second dose of Narcan, the woman regained consciousness. Police said that while searching for the woman’s identification information, they found a pipe containing a white substance and two syringes in the woman’s purse; they said a white crystalline substance was also found. Police said the woman was provided additional medical treatment, and the items found in her purse were entered into evidence.  


Receiving or Transferring  

On March 13, at 4:50, police said a woman arrived at the police station to report her bike stolen from Freshman North. Police said the woman told them she had last seen her bike at 2 p.m. that day and found it missing at 4:45 p.m. Police said they began a search for the bike and that two officers, traveling westbound on Sixth Ave., saw an individual riding the stolen bike westbound on the 1100 Block of Sixth Ave. Police said they stopped and identified the 35-year-old man riding the bike, who police said admitted he bought the bike off someone a few hours prior. Police said they cited the man for receiving and transferring of stolen goods and that the bike was returned to the woman.  


DUI Aggravated  

On March 12, at 3:02 a.m., police said they witnessed a black GMC Envoy traveling eastbound on the 600 Block of Fifth Ave. Police said the driver ran a red light at 17th Street and Fifth Ave., and 18th and Fifth Ave., without attempting to stop. Police said they attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the 1800 Block of Fifth Ave. Police said the drive turned north on 20th Street and into the stadium parking lot. Police said they identified the driver as a 19-year-old male and that he had bloodshot, watery eyes and slurred speech. Police said they administered three standard field sobriety tests, all of which they said the driver failed. Police said they placed the driver under arrested and then gave him to the West Virginia State Police to be processed. Police said the driver had an indefinitely suspended license in Ohio and blew a 0.15 on a breathalyzer at the West Virginia State Police Barracks.  


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