Respect the dead, even the ones you don’t like

Proving they are indeed the party of love and compassion, the progressive left took to Twitter last Wednesday to kick dirt at a dead man from the comforts of their cell phones. Rush Limbaugh, a prominent conservative radio host, died Wednesday, Feb. 17, from lung cancer.  

Following the announcement of Limbaugh’s death, a herd of leftists stormed onto Twitter to rejoice at the fact that a man they found mean had died of lung cancer. If you are wondering, yes, the irony of the situation was lost on them.  Here are just a few highlights from Twitter that day: “What do you call the time it takes between burying Rush Limbaugh and the first person to piss on his grave? A Rush hour,” tweeted by user @StopTheCriminal.   

“Here’s some good news I’ve been wanting to share: Rush Limbaugh is still dead.” tweeted by @FrankConnif.   

  “NOTE TO ANYONE DANCING ON RUSH LIMBAUGH’S GRAVE: Avoid wearing open-toe shoes, as the urine is already several inches deep.” tweeted by @BettyBowers.  

 And to think these kinds of people likely support universal healthcare, what could go wrong with that? If you want to find more of this depressing glimpse into the moral decay of society, just look up the hashtags RotInHell or RestInPiss, as they were trending the day Limbaugh died.  

Now I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t listen to Rush Limbaugh. Truthfully, until he died, I had only seen him once on Family Guy. So, no doubt some readers will say, “Well, Carter, if you didn’t listen to him, you can’t know all the mean horrible things he said,” and that’s a fair point.  

An equally fair point is that if you hated him so much, I’d bet you didn’t listen to him either. Instead, you Googled a highlight reel of all the terrible things he said over his 30 some year career, so not exactly giving the devil his due either.  My point isn’t that we should defend everything Limbaugh said. My point is that if you celebrate his death, you are as bad a person as you believe him to have been. Your political beliefs or the moral superiority you feel because of them shouldn’t get you out of that.  I think it is hilarious that people don’t understand this. The phrase “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions” is not said often enough. You are not the defender of the weak that you think you are. If you mocked Limbaugh after his death, then you are an evil person. It does not matter how much you stand up for noble causes or defend the oppressed. No amount of goodwill makes it ok for you to be a monster sometimes.  

I hear a lot today from politicians and news that we need unity, that the only way forward is to come together. I think this is an excellent idea. But how are you supposed to come together when people think just because someone was mean and hurtful, that gives them full authority to do the same back.  

So, what is the solution? How do we move forward from this? Well, I am glad you asked. First, you could recognize all the bad things we are all capable of doing, don’t be blinded by this notion that you are a good person that can do no wrong, you’re not.  

Then I would suggest taking a verse from the Bible; “Turn the other cheek,” as it were. We aren’t going to unite if everyone keeps attacking each other over all the minor grievances we have; you have to be the bigger person at some point. 

Finally, although it may be hard for some, please do try not to take too much pleasure in the deaths of your political enemies; it’s a little off-putting.