Student organizations receive funding from SGA

Clubs and organizations at Marshall University can apply for funding each semester with the assistance of the Student Government Association. 

Laura Hundley, SGA Treasurer, said organizations can apply for funding by filling out a funding application on Herdlink. 

“The funding application just basically consists of what they are applying for funding for. The organizations also need to have a signed W9 tax form and an IRS letter confirming their EIN number,” Hundley said. 

Hundley said that organizations can apply for up to $500 a semester and up to $750 in a fiscal year. 

“Once they submit their application, I review it and it will be sent through a first reading which is just basically done by the Student Senate Finance Committee,” Hundley said. 

Hundley said once the application goes through the Finance Committee, a representative of the organization will be invited to speak during Senate.  

“It will either get approved, denied, amended, negotiated, or whatever is deemed necessary. Then it gets sent through the Senate and it usually passes. I haven’t seen one fail,” Jakob Jitima, SGA Senate President Pro-Tempore, said. 

Jitima said while organizations only get one funding bill per semester, they can ask for an additional $250 the next semester if needed.   

“It’s really just a first-come, first-serve basis, but it is limited to one per semester at the max,” Jitima said. 

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