Hazing Prevention Week goes virtual


Marshall’s annual Hazing Prevention Week went virtual this year due to coronavirus safety concerns. Greek organizations on campus showed their support and raised awareness about hazing and the importance of awareness across the country on the week of Monday, September 21. 

Since there were no events planned, Greek Life took to social media to spread awareness this week. Multiple organizations shared social media posts of members’ hands with captions about hazing prevention and signing the National Hazing Prevention Pledge. 

The Delta Zeta Sorority posted quizzes on their Instagram story and asked followers to test their knowledge on what hazing is and how to step in if they see it occurring in their organizations.  

“We want all of our own members to feel safe and welcome within our chapter, hazing is degrading and we would never want a sister to feel that way,” said Sarah Keffer, Delta Zeta’s Risk Manager, “Lastly, we want everyone in our community to realize the seriousness and severity of hazing.”  

Keffer will be conducting a hazing prevention presentation at the chapter’s weekly meeting, like there would have been at an in-person meeting. They also had members share positive actions that they use their hands for, beginning with “These hands do not haze, they…” 

“Our chapter has had great involvement during Hazing Prevention Week. We had a photo shoot to promote positive things our hands can accomplish instead of hazing,” said Keffer, “Sometimes it’s difficult to look at hazing prevention in a positive light, so that’s another thing we tried to accomplish this week.” 

Hazing is not an issue taken lightly on college campuses across the country and why this week is  a big Greek Life event each fall semester.  

Since all organizations could not come together at a seminar, they found a different way to show Greek unity.  

Delta Zeta had a table at the Memorial Student Center Plaza with a banner that read, “These Hands Don’t Haze.” Organizations were encouraged to stop by and add their handprint to the banner in solidarity. Participants were able to put on a rubber glove and dip it in paint to help reduce contamination and make sure everyone stayed safe and socially distanced .of the fraternities and other sororities stopped by to show their support and other organizations on campus, like students from the Sustainability Department.  

“Especially in Greek organizations this is important to spread awareness, because

Marshall University is a no hazing campus and we need to keep showing that everyone is welcomed and that there is no tolerance of hazing here,” said Alexis McComas, Delta Zeta’s Diversity chair. 

McComas planned the event alongside Ally Cavender, Delta Zeta’s Vice President of Programs who helps coordinate Hazing Prevention Week events for the chapter.  

“It has been so important to speak with the chapter about hazing, and hazing prevention, for a couple reasons,” said Keffer. “Members should be educated about what hazing is so that they can recognize it if they ever see it. The next step is reporting it. It’s important for our ladies to know who they can contact immediately.” 

Abby Hanlon can be reached at [email protected]