SGA uses social media to reach students

The Marshall University Student Government Association is doing its part to make the transition from traditional learning to online courses easier for students. Student Body President Stephanie Rogner said a series of videos the organization has been posting over various social media platforms gives SGA a way to reach out to students.

“We wanted to utilize our existing resources such as MUSGA’s social media platforms to provide students a variety of insights that may help others,” Rogner said.

The videos feature various members of SGA giving tips and ideas to students who are dealing with stress from the unexpected quarantine. In one video, Darby McCloud, the SGA senate and outreach coordinator, gave students tips on making lists to stay on track. In another video, parliamentarian Jo Tremmel provided students with advice on staying socially engaged while social distancing.

Rogner said these videos could make life just a little easier for students.

“These videos provide simple tips and tricks that may have a big impact on how students can better complete their courses,” Rogner said.

Rogner also said she hopes the videos help students in this stressful time.

“This is truly a unique learning experience for all involved and being able to receive peer-to-peer advice can alleviate some of the uncertainty,” she said.

Moving to completely online coursework has been a difficult transition for some students, and Rogner said she understands her own difficulties that other students may be experiencing as well.

“Virtual classes and being off campus have made it difficult in many ways, whether it be prioritizing my time to complete assignments or how to adjust to learning through online lectures,” Rogner said.

Rogner said the advice she would give to others would be to encourage them to visualize and stay focused. These have been her biggest priorities.

“I write out the remainder of my assignments for each class on a note-card and strike it out when it’s completed,” she said. “This helps me get a visual of what work needs to be completed and what has already been accomplished.”

The videos can be found on the Marshall Student Government Association’s twitter account @MUSGA.

Kyra Biscarner can be contacted at [email protected]