Marshall donation helps provide luggage for foster youth

Sabrina Thomas who is part of a grassroots community group that supports foster care kids, parents, social workers and local community groups, put together a luggage drive for kids in foster care for them to have luggage when they move.

“When children enter the foster care system, they often only have garbage bags to place their clothes and any other possessions they were able to gather,” Thomas said.  “These kids are often moved from placement to placement. There is a real need for luggage, so that when they do move, the kids will have more than a trash bag for their belongings.”

Thomas, who was placed in foster care for years, said she remembers how scary it was moving from place to place and never knowing what each family would be like or whether she would really be welcome. She said her hope is that the luggage gives these kids a sense that their community cares for them.

“Foster care kids are in the system through no fault of their own, they did nothing wrong,” Thomas said. “My goal is for foster care kids to know that the community around them cares about them and to let them know that we are here to help.”

The drive was cut short due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but Thomas said the community will reopen the drive when the university opens back up in the future.

“I believe Marshall students in the future may have spare luggage or backpacks that they would be willing to donate,” she said. “ When that happens, they can contact me, and I’ll make sure that they are given to foster care kids.”

Talor Bennett can be contacted at [email protected]