SGA President/Vice President Ballot Information

Anna Williams, Kyle Powers

Anna Williams is a junior public communication and English major. She currently serves as the Student Body Vice President for the Rogner/Williams administration. In the last year,  Williams has helped accomplish/grow the MU Scholarship Database, Marco’s Meal Sharing Program, Tuition Gap Fund, Food Pantry and IT Device Share.

Kyle Powers is a junior criminal justice major and minoring in political science.  Powers is very involved on campus, serving as a student equipment manager for Olympic Sports, an inaugural student Supreme Court Justice, and an avid Herd Fan. Powers applied his love for Marshall and the 75 victims of the 1970 plane crash through the implementation of an interactive, touchscreen memorial in the Memorial Student Center.

The Williams/Powers administration will address the three core issues of affordability, safety, and quality on campus. To continue addressing affordability,  they said they will examine scholarships, food insecurity, homelessness, and affordable materials on campus. To address safety,  they said they plan to examine trainings, policies and building improvements. To address quality,  they said they plan to examine academic building improvements, dining hall offerings and campus WiFi.