SGA passes new equity resolution

Marshall University Student Government Association voted to pass a resolution to ensure equity among the organization on Tuesday. 

We wanted to give another path, another opportunity for people to be able to join this organization because it gives you a lot of networking, governmental skills and leadership skills.” Senate Parliamentarian Jo Tremmel said. 

The resolution would change the qualifications to join SGA from a 2.75 GPA to either maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or completion of two of the following qualifications:

1) A total of three letters of recommendation from active senators, the Executive Office of the President, professors or faculty of the university

2) Proof of at least 25 community service hours over the course of the previous year

3) Prior experience occupying leadership roles

Senate members discussed and then voted to pass the resolution but it failed and discussion was opened up again. Tremmel said the resolutions that address this issue have been discussed in the past but have never made it this far. 

“There’s been a lot of talk for several years from the advisors and the senators about wanting to enable more people to join senate and it’s not always a possibility for low GPAs,” she said. 

All other student organizations on Marshall’s campus require a 2.2 GPA, including Interfraternal Council. Malik Smith, a first semester senior, passed around his own resume and spoke to senators about his qualifications but the fact that his 2.73 GPA keeps him out of the organization. Smith said other students feel the same way.

“I know for certain requirements that SGA has at the moment, some people can be discouraged and may not feel that their student-led organizations is doing enough and that they have to stay at that level of student-led organization and not run for SGA,” Smith said.

After discussion ended, senators voted once more, and the resolution passed unanimously. 

Senator Cameron Donohue said this is a big step for the organization but there is still more to do. 

“I believe everyone is capable of academic success and we show it and there’s a lot of great progress going,” Donohue said. “The fight is not over, we still have two more resolutions to hopefully pass: one for the cabinet and one for the President and Vice President.”

Kyra Biscarner can be contacted at [email protected].