A MOMENT WITH MEG: Love isn’t selfish

This week’s submission: “Hey pal. My girlfriend and I have been talking about moving out west to Oregon, and I’m excited…but I am super nervous as well.  I have some older grandparents and I would hate to not be here when their time comes, and I also don’t want to leave the two friends I have here in Huntington. Sadly, I feel as though there is nothing here for me and I need to leave. I am very conflicted. Thoughts?”

Hi friend.  I think feeling this way is very understandable and it sounds as though you have weighed the pros and cons for yourself, so I won’t waste your time with suggesting that. Good for you for being proactive and self-aware.  With that being said, remember that this is YOUR life. Your life will continue in whatever direction you take it in based on your decisions. If you feel as though Huntington has nothing left to offer you and you crave new scenery and direction, I think it would be wise to take that leap of faith and leave. The discoveries and opportunities that await you could change your life and guide you to what you are searching for. Huntington will always be here for you and so will your friends and family as long as they’re here too. If your friends are true and worth your energy and effort, I think they will understand all aspects of your decision and encourage you to pursue the happiness you deserve, regardless of what it takes to get there. Your family loves you too and I’m certain they will support your pursuit as well. 

Love is not selfish. Those who love you will thrive seeing you do the same. It is also okay to give yourself the love you deserve too. It isn’t selfish to take care of you. It isn’t wrong for you to do what it takes to give yourself what you need in life. Having the love and support you need given to you by the people who love you most, and the confidence in yourself to succeed based on your own self-care, you will be okay no matter the outcome if you do move. 

Remember that you deserve nice things. Remember to be good to yourself and take chances to capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves to you. You will manage and you will succeed knowing your worth and valuing yourself. 

– xoxo Meg

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