GINGER’S GUIDE TO: Importance of the arts


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Amanda, as a journalist and avid consumer of the arts, believes STEM holds a higher importance than arts, though they should be equal.

I’m a journalism student, so I tend to be more interested in the arts than the sciences. Though, after taking my required biology credit last year, I finished the class with a greater appreciation for the field. It’s not for me, but I understand its importance, and I respect STEM careers and areas of study. However, I don’t always feel that STEM majors have the same respect for my major and others like it. 

Through my college years, I’ve seen many hurtful posts and trends on social media from STEM majors dragging down those studying the arts. Apparently, our classes are not difficult, we are not intelligent and we will go nowhere in life because we won’t make any money. 

Maybe it’s just because I spend more time reading and admiring music and art, and that’s made me more sensitive, but I don’t see why money is more important than happiness. Or how money affects my happiness. Sure, maybe I won’t be saving lives with groundbreaking surgery or building impressive skyscrapers or developing new technologies, but I will provide a public service with my journalistic endeavors. Even if I were to change career field, I know I still want to be involved with the arts however I can. 

During the holiday season, I saw many advertisements for STEM related children’s toys. While it is important to expose kids to these subjects at an early age, I do not think the arts should be overlooked. My parents read to me as a child, and I think this has made all the difference in my life. It certainly influenced my decision to become a journalist. My worry, with all these toys promoting STEM education, is that kids won’t grow up to appreciate the arts. I don’t see many products geared toward kids interested in music and other arts. That’s not to say these products and toys don’t exist, but they may not be advertised as heavily as STEM toys.

Artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, actors, writers…we all deserve more recognition and support from those different than us. What would become of humanity without the arts? I do not want to find out. 

Arts and humanities majors, please keep doing what you do, create art, and don’t let anyone get you down. 

Amanda Larch can be contacted at [email protected].