EDGE program offers college transition assistance


Michaela Crittenden

The EDGE Center is located on the first floor of Corbly Hall on Marshall’s campus.

Marshall University offers different sources of assistance for students throughout their college career, and EDGE is a program designed for freshmen and sophomores during their transition from high school to college. 

The president of EDGE, Carrie Floyd, said she hopes students can better adjust to college by using EDGE and the resources they provide.

“Everyone in EDGE has unique personalities, making everyone fun to be around,” Floyd said.

EDGE pairs students with advisers who work to help the students with guidance and resources through the semester. They also help students with resumes, community service and study groups. 

In order to be in EDGE, students must be full time and have an incoming high school grade point average of 2.0-3.5. EDGE sends emails to incoming freshmen and lets them know if they are eligible, but applications can be submitted through the EDGE page on Marshall University’s website. Spots are limited to only 150 students. 

Students part of the EDGE program can get free printing along with access to a computer lab and a space to do homework in the quiet. 

Floyd said that the student advisory board works hard to provide activities for the students. She also said she hopes the program teaches students that college can go beyond books and writing, and they learn additional skills for their lives outside of school.

“I hope students are able to adjust to college by using the resources that EDGE provided them,” Floyd said. “I hope students are able to gain confidence in their classes and are able to go beyond their majors.”

The EDGE program began in 2015 and according to Floyd, is “continuing to grow.”

Those interested in finding more information about EDGE can look at the program’s page on the Marshall University website. 

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