Pizza and Professors event to encourage personal connections


Pizza, professors and potential opportunities for students interested in English courses will all be available during the English department’s Pizza and Professors event, set to take place Oct. 28 in Corbly Hall 306.

The event allows students to see what the department has to offer and lets the professors get acquainted with the students.

Sabrina Jones, an English adviser and professor, compared the relationships to those of a family. “I’m excited because I see students who I haven’t seen in a while,” Jones said. “It’s kind of like a family reunion, and you get to make new family.”

Pizza and Professors is designed for students interested in taking any English course, such as writing intensive, critical thinking and film studies courses.

The event will be an informal, informative event, and students can arrive at any time and stay for as long as they want.

Not only can students benefit from the event, but Jones said professors can benefit as well.

Professors can get introduced to courses and new ideas from other professors for their own courses.

Additionally, once the professors learn the students well enough, they make suggestions for what courses students should take.

Professors will also be there to answer any questions about courses students may have.

The event is planned by the Undergraduate Programs Committee (UPC), which consists of English advisers and one faculty member from each strand of the English department.

Pizza and Professors takes place each year, and changes have been made to improve the events.

Professors also plan workshops throughout the year, such as teaching students how to write resumes and apply to graduate school.

Pizza and Professors typically has roughly 30 attendees, but Jones said anyone is welcome to attend to get free pizza and candy and learn about what the English department has to offer.

The event is open to English majors and non-English majors alike, she said.

Jones said the event allows students to introduce their friends to professors they recommend and to build future relationships.

Glennda Sims can be contacted at [email protected]