Campus Activities Board preparing for semester’s DIY series events


Julianna Everly

In past DIY events, students have created countless works of arts and crafts, including the painting of Old Main pictured above.

As the semester sets in, some students are seeking relief from their heavy course loads and late-night study hours, and some are finding that relief by getting crafty during some of the university’s DIY series events in the Don Morris Room at the Memorial Student Center.

Marshall’s Campus Activities Board, CAB, has been gearing up for their 2019-2020 DIY series, and other events have already been planned for this semester.

At the end of the each school year, CAB starts planning their events for the next year. They look over the year and decide what went well and what did not, as well as what people seemed to enjoy and what they did not. 

As students across campus prepare to attend these events, some are looking ahead in anticipation for future events as well.

“I am really excited for all of our events this year; they all sound like really fun DIYs,” CAB member Wesley Monk said. “The one I am probably looking forward to the most is the DIY hydro dip on November 20. It’s just something I have always seen and thought looked interesting.”

First-year graduate student and communication disorders major Savannah Brewer said she loves attending the DIY events on campus, and she is always looking for people to attend them with her.

“I love to craft, and this is a great way to expel stress while having fun and adding to my craft collection,” Brewer said. 

All DIY events on campus offer students opportunites to participate in learning new creative skills and are free and open to all students enrolled at the university.

“Tie-dying might not seem like a skill, but if you watch some people do it, they are very particular about their folds,” Monk said. “You can really learn a lot.”

In past semesters, CAB’s DIY events on campus have been successful amongst students, in part because they are free and offer students opportunities to take home works they have created.

“The most rewarding part of going to these events is that you end up with something you’ve made, and that hopefully brings you some joy,” Brewer said.

This sentiment was echoed by other students who have participated in CAB’s DIY series events.

“I love getting to see everyone with their own masterpieces and the looks on their faces after having accomplished something that may have seemed difficult when they first started,” Monk said.

Seats at DIY events often fill up quickly, so students planning to participate should consider arriving relatively early, Monk said.

CAB’s first DIY event of the semester took place Tuesday  night in the Don Morris Room at the Student Center, where students had the opportunity to create their own tapestries.

For more information and to check out the DIY event schedule for this year, those interested can contact [email protected].

Julianna Everly can be contacted at [email protected].