Jena’s Creative Corner: ‘If there’s a well, there’s a way’

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a work of fiction, written by a contributor to The Parthenon. This does not reflect The Parthenon’s views.

Two teenagers, Will and Jess, had a light bulb pop up atop of their heads. They were life-long friends,  who got into way more trouble than they should.

“I have an idea!” Will expressed. 

Will and Jess had been wanting to tickets to the upcoming musical festival, but much to their dismay, their parents weren’t exactly for it. This particular music festival held bands that just didn’t sound right to their ears, especially if the dress code was, “If you wear anything, make it black.” Of course, nothing was actually scary or bad about these rock and punk bands, they were just not exactly appropriate for “the children.”

“What is it?” Jess asked. Their parents had been close friends before they were born; they bonded on the finer things in life, living well maintenced lives.

“We could lie, we could say there will be other friendlier bands and Bradly Kane will be there, they love the kid,” Will said confidently. Bradly Kane was their neighbor, who was very studious and athletic. Will and Jess’ parents have always preached, “How’s Bradly?” and “Say Hi to Bradly for us.”

As nice as Bradly Kane was, he was a goody two shoes and as a teenager, it’s much easier to do the opposite of what any parent says.

“I don’t know Will, is that really believable though?” She asked unsure of the idea. Bradly Kane’s idea of music is more classic rock than punk rock.

“He likes some rock right? He could totally be there.” Jess appreciated the confidence that emitted from her friend, although it was his confidence that has gotten them into trouble time and time again.

“Okay, it’s worth a shot,” She stated.

“Wanna wish on it, it could almost guarantee we get our tickets.” He said gesturing her torwards the town’s well. The well had its charm, and everyone enjoyed throwing their coins into the wishing well. Jess grabbed some change from her pocket, handing him a nickel and a penny to herself. “Lets do it.” Both of them turned their backs to the well, reciting their wishes in the quietness of their minds, each tossing their coins into the well. They loved music and making memories together; hopefully a silly well could actually guarentee they get their tickets.

There was music all around, and dancing festival goers surrounded them. They had made it to the festival! To them, it was like a miracle that their uptight parents agreed to let them go. They didn’t dwindle on why or how, or what would happen if they figure the lie out. They just wanted to enjoy the moment. Until..

“Get off the stage!” The two looked up onto the stage that a local band was playing on, except that wasn’t what they saw. It was Bradly Kane with spiked hair and a band tee, jumping off the stage, crowd surfing. Jess turned to Will in shock.

“Yeah.. we might want to take a second look at that well.”

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