EDITORIAL: Mental health important to collegiate success

Mental health is just as important as physical health; it’s time we all realize that. We need to reiterate that until everyone understands it. As college students, we tend to be stressed, worried and nervous on a daily basis. It’s safe to say our mental health sometimes takes a backseat when classes are in session for the semester. We focus on homework, studying and making it to class on time. It can be hard to eat healthy or work out most of the time; it can be even harder to make sure our minds are healthy.

September is Suicide Prevention Month, and this week is National Suicide Prevention Week. Marshall University is participating, and it’s important for all of its students. Even if some students feel it doesn’t apply to them, they can still be allies. 

We need to check on our friends, even those we assume don’t have any worries or troubles. Everyone experiences things differently, and everyone has troubling things inside they may never share. We don’t need to prod, but we can offer our support and friendship. That’s one of the best parts about Marshall; we truly are a home away from home. We are a family. We are one of the Herd. We are…

Making small talk in line at Starbucks, opening doors for others or even smiling at people who cross our path all have the potential to make a huge difference. If we make just one person a little happier, we have made a difference. 

Another aspect of college is that we can sometimes feel isolated. Adjusting to a new life at school and differing workloads can overwhelm us, and with different schedules from our friends, we can drift apart. Our social lives suffer, and when we feel alone, our mental health may take a tumble. Yes, making friends on a college campus can be difficult, but again, we’re all part of the Herd family. Join a club or organization, talk to people in your classes. These small steps can benefit everyone. Not feeling alone in the world helps our mental health tremendously.

Marshall’s Counseling Center is a great resource for those who may be struggling. They take walk-ins, and the sessions are half an hour. Students can also call and make appointments with a counselor. The dedicated staff is here for you. 

Walk in hours for the Counseling Center are Monday, Thursday and Friday from 1 to 4 p.m.; Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The phone number for the Counseling Center is 304-696-3111 and the email is [email protected].

Remember you are not alone. Remember it gets better. And, most importantly, remember there are resources you can utilize.