Changes come to SGA


Jesten Richardson

New Student Body President Stephanie Rogner and Vice President Anna Williams are sworn in at a Student Government Association meeting April 30.

Marshall University’s student senate experienced change as some Student Government Association members said goodbye and others moved into new positions, during the first meeting of student senate session 77 Tuesday in the Memorial Student Center. 

Now former Student Body President Hunter Barclay and Student Body Vice President Hannah Petracca said their goodbyes during the meeting, reflecting on their term of office, sharing personal anecdotes, thanking and recognizing members of their cabinet and other members of the SGA and sharing messages for their fellow SGA members, new and old. 

“To the new people coming in, I’m really excited for you guys,” Petracca said. “It’s going to be an awesome year for you both. Don’t blink because it’s over. But enjoy it, embrace it, work together, if there’s anything I can tell you it’s that you’re not going to be able to do it alone. None of you.

“So, I would highly recommend just loving each other through things, even when there’s some tough love involved,” Petracca continued, “and making sure that you remind yourself why you’re in this room, who you represent, why it’s a big deal to be elected into these positions and never lose sight of that when you guys start to disagree or whatever. Remember it’s not about us, it’s about the students that we represent.”

During the meeting, Andy Hermansdorfer, Marshall’s director of student involvement and leadership, swore in new Student Body President Stephanie Rogner and Student Body Vice President Anna Williams, who will run the student senate following with the duties of her position. 

Hermansdorfer also swore in other members of student senate session 77 during the meeting. 

Following the swearing in, senators voted on each senate executive position for student senate session 77.

Incumbent and College of Science Sen. Noelle Soares was elected President Pro Tempore Incumbent, and College of Science Sen. Jo Tremmel was elected Parliamentarian/Judiciary Committee Chairperson. Incumbent and At-Large Sen. Brian Stein was elected Treasurer. 

Additionally, At-Large Sen. Emilie Christenberry was elected Campus Life Committee Chairperson. College of Science Sen. Darby McCloud was elected Senate Education and Outreach Coordinator. College of Health Professions Sen. Jakob Jitima was elected Sergeant at Arms. College of Arts and Media Sen. Ralph May was elected Historian. 

Following the student senate meeting, Williams said she was a little bit nervous because it was her first one, but she said she thought it went really well. Williams said it was exciting to see so much enthusiasm and participation this late in the semester, and she is really looking forward to the upcoming year.

“I really look forward to having a productive senate that’s willing to do the nitty gritty and go out to campus and really reach out to students,” Williams said. “It’s something that I think they’ve done a really good job of in the past, and so I really look forward to helping enhance that. And with the senate, I just want to have something that is working for the good of Marshall and constantly producing good work, and I think that’s what matters as representatives of the student body. I look forward to working with these wonderful leaders who are willing to do that work.”

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