Honors class takes on hunger in Huntington through free meal

Kane Morrone’s goal is to feed 350 people, though, ideally, he said he’d like to see 500 full bellies next Wednesday night. 

Morrone, a sophomore marketing and entrepreneurship major, thought of the idea for Project Feed Huntington, a community service project and meal drive for his honors Second Year Seminar class that aims to supply dinners for those in need within the Marshall University and Huntington communities. 

“I hope to accomplish just a few hours for everyone just to be happy and enjoying and just full,” Morrone said. “That’s what I want. I want happiness, and I want a full belly for anyone who comes in. I want it to be a great environment; I want it to be positive. I want people to know we’re trying to do something for good.”

Project Feed Huntington will be from 5 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, April 24, in the basement of the Memorial Student Center, and Morrone said people are welcome to come at any time during the event.

“Anytime between then is welcome to come and get whatever food you need,” Morrone said. “Eat, hang out, relax. I think we’ll have some music playing in the background just to make it casual, just this little bit of fellowship. Everybody can hang out and relax and get some food.”

Morrone said he and his classmates have secured sponsors for the event, including Sodexo, Texas Roadhouse, Stewart’s Hot Dogs and La Famiglia, who will donate food, and others, including family members, are making homemade meals to provide as well. 

“For example, my mom is cooking 100 pepperoni rolls, and they’re so good,” Morrone said. “I had to try and treat as many people as I could to them. We’re trying to not only let anyone and everyone cook for it —we do have an allergy disclaimer, just in case— but there will be all kinds of different foods, desserts, dinners. We’ll have prepackaged stuff too, just so that way people that need it can take it home.”

Everyone, regardless of need, is invited to the event, Morrone said, and food will be served in to go trays.

“We’re also serving food in to go trays so that way people who haven’t been on campus before may not be intimidated,” Morrone said. “I know how it was my first time on campus: it was big. So, we got to go trays just in case they don’t feel comfortable staying around. We’re really trying to get everyone in and get some food.”

All leftovers from the event will be donated or available for attendees to take home with them.

“Whatever food we have leftover is getting donated to places like HPD (the Huntington Police Department), the fire department, City Mission and other organizations in Huntington to make sure they get some food too because, even if they couldn’t make the event, we want to make sure they still get the benefits from it,” Morrone said.

“The only problem I want there to be is there’s too much food,” Morrone said. 

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