Sororities welcome new members into sisterhood at Bid Day


Contributed by Jozy Jones

Sororities Alpha Chi Omega and Delta Zeta welcomed new members at their annual spring Bid Day.

Welcoming new members into their homes, members of Alpha Chi Omega and Delta Zeta celebrated Bid Day with music, food and sisterhood at their sorority houses this past weekend. 

“This was the best decision I have ever made,” said Erika Shannon, a sophomore elementary education major who is one of Alpha Chi Omega’s newest members. 

Haley Hardy, Alpha Chi Omega’s vice president of recruitment said on Bid Day, she picked up the new members at the Memorial Student Center, ran them home to Alpha Chi and introduced them one by one when they arrived. Afterward, she said it was “kind of like a dance party” and the members ate.

“My favorite part about Bid Day was getting to talk to all the girls in the chapter and really connect with them,” Shannon said. “I am looking forward to getting to know my sisters better.” 

Similarly, members of Delta Zeta met with the new members, gave them t-shirts, got them ready and welcomed them to their new home, said Jozy Jones, Delta Zeta’s vice president of membership. 

“My favorite part of Bid Day was running to the house, because it was so cold outside, but I was burning up, because I was so excited to finally join,” said Sara Alasttal, a junior pre-medical major whom is one of Delta Zeta’s newest members. 

Alasttal said she wanted to join a sorority to become more involved on campus and “wanted a close group of girlfriends that would be by my side and help me through college.”

Shannon said she decided to join a sorority because she loves making friends and being social and wanted to be more involved on campus.

Hardy said joining a sorority is important because of the sisterhood. 

“I tell every new member that they should choose their home away from home,” Hardy said. “Maybe, not all the girls have all of the same hobbies as you, but go to the home that the sisters will be there for you.”

Jones said, though it can be hard to make connections in college if you come without any, joining a sorority gives individuals the opportunity to meet people, as well as to “gain leadership and accountability that you probably wouldn’t have gotten if you haven’t joined an organization like this.”

The Bid Days, which Jones and Hardy said took multiple weeks to plan, were also themed events. Alpha Chi Omega’s theme was “Good Fortune,” while Delta Zeta’s was “Camp DZ.” 

Jones said Delta Zeta welcomed four new members, and Hardy said Alpha Chi Omega accepted seven new members. Jones and Hardy said the new members share the same values and seem to be excited to be a part of the chapter. 

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Contributed by Haley Hardy