The Visual Arts Center: home to the College of Art and Design


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Marshall University’s Visual Arts Center is home to students and faculty within the College of Arts and Media’s School of Art and Design. 

Classes in the VAC include those focusing on photography, mixed media, videography, printmaking, drawing, screen printing, weaving and fibers. There are also rooms for textiles, dark room photography and papermaking, as well as computer labs equipped for cinematography and digital photography. 

 “The building is designed specifically for art, so each classroom is different to fit whatever is being taught there, like the drawing studio or printmaking room,” Julianna Geyer, a first-year art major, said. “My favorite part about the VAC is the atmosphere and how there is always art on display.”

This historic building went through a renovation process in 2014. It was originally built in 1902 and still retains its original hardwood floors. 

This building has 66,000 square feet. On the first floor, there is an art warehouse where students’ art is portrayed throughout the semester. The first floor features a 2,200 square foot gallery. 

“It is a very professional atmosphere and experience because it is so high tech and modern,” Chloe Murphy, a junior art major, said. “The building is also beautiful and new, and it really compliments the university, even though it is downtown.”

Murphy said creators need a lot of space to work and people around them that do the same things they like to do. She said she thinks the VAC is “a great place just to have that prosper.”

Students within the School of Art and Design study their craft on floors two through five in classrooms. The sixth floor houses offices and administrative spaces. 

“It creates a fun and serious learning environment,” Geyer said. “It also feels like we, the students, are being treated professionally when it comes to our art.”

The VAC is located at 927 Third Ave. It is directly across from Pullman Square in downtown Huntington. 

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