Provost Taylor: reflection on his first semester


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Provost Jaime Taylor is nearing an end to his first semester at Marshall University and reflects on the culture and hospitality of the community.

“My first semester has been amazing,” Taylor said. “I can’t believe how fortunate I am to be at Marshall University and be a part of so many great things that are happening.”

Taylor joined Marshall this summer from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee.

“I’ve been an interim provost at my last university for two years,” Taylor said. “It was challenging. I did not really have the chance to get things moving. When I came here, it seemed like things were ready to happen. The timing was perfect.”

While at Austin Peay, Taylor started an Autism Center that was modeled after Marshall’s program.

“Marshall University is full of hidden gems,” Taylor said. “An example is the Autism Training Center. This is the world’s number one Autism Center. I started an Autism Center in Austin Peay, and I modeled it after a school that modeled theirs after Marshall. Autism centers at universities are becoming more common nationally, but they are all modeled after Marshall’s center, which began over 30 years ago. My goal is to make sure other hidden gems at Marshall do not remain hidden. There is a lot of stuff like that I have found since I have been at Marshall.”

Taylor said he heard about the community sense that Marshall students and alumni give to the school.

“Prior to starting at Marshall University I heard numerous times that the alumni, faculty, students and community were all very passionate about Marshall University,” Taylor said. “It is absolutely true. Everyone wants to go above and beyond to make Marshall a better place.”

Taylor said the challenges he faced this semester were easier to handle thanks to the community.

“Because of the support we have here, they haven’t been nearly as big of challenges as I thought they would be,” Taylor said. “People want to solve the problems.”

Taylor said he appreciative of the environment under President Jerry Gilbert.

“President Gilbert has created an open, positive culture at Marshall University where good ideas rise to the top,” Taylor said. “It is exactly the type of culture I love to work in. I believe a happy work environment makes for happy and productive workers. ”

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