Phase one of all inclusive playground complete

The Phase One All Inclusive Playground Ribbon Cutting Ceremony took place at St. Cloud Commons Friday, Nov. 16, in Huntington’s West End.  The All Inclusive Playground is designed to break down barriers that children with disabilities or special needs may face when playing.

“One… Two… Three… Let’s play,” Kevin Brady, executive director of Greater Huntington Park and Recreation, said to a group of children as the ribbon was cut.

Brady said once completed, the playground will feature an in place rubber surface, fully accessible restroom with adult sized changing tables, an expanded parking lot, swing, slides and more.

The ribbon signifying the completion of Phase One was cut by Brady Blake of Brady Steps Foundation.  Blake is a local child with spina bifida whose foundation was created to raise awareness about his condition.  Before cutting the ribbon, Blake spoke to the crowd with a short message saying, “Thank you for building this playground.”

Once the ribbon was cut, the playground became available for Blake and his friends, who were at the ceremony, to play on.

There are two more phases of construction to complete the project.  The Greater Huntington Park and Recreation team is still in need of fundraises to afford the remaining two phases, Brady said.

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