The BUZZ at Tat-Nice


Karima Neghmouche

Artists’ designs displayed at Tat-Nice Tattoos, located on Fourth Avenue.

Tat-Nice Tattoos is as colorful as it gets. Located in downtown Huntington, some may wonder what the “buzz” is about.

Tattooing is not a new trend, but it is very popular, especially among college students who are just discovering the freedom of making adult decisions on their own. Jeremy Moffitt, a Tat-Nice Tattoos’ artist with more than 10 years of experience, said he loves where he works.

“The best part of tattooing is being able to take an idea and bring it to life,” Moffitt said.

Moffitt and his coworker Saka Minor said they hate when people come in with tattoos from Pinterest.

“There’s nothing wrong with popular tattoos,” Moffitt said. “But having customers come in and show you the same picture over and over again and wanting it done the exact same way, gets boring.”

Moffitt said the most popular tattoos we get are anchors, birds, feathers, the quotes “let it be,” “breathe” or “strength,” and any quotes that can be associated back to anchors. Moffitt said regardless of how small your tattoo is or how easy it is to do, one thing is very important- finding a shop that is clean and professional.

Moffitt did not hesitate to explain why he thinks Tat-Nice Tattoos is the best shop in Huntington.

“We have some of the best and most creative artists,” Moffitt said. “I think there are other great shops in Huntington, but I know our shop has such a wide range of artists who specialize in different things.”

Minor also agreed that Tat-Nice Tattoos is the best.

“We have Billy who specializes in traditional, Japanese, andcolor work, and we have Asian who specializes in traditional,” Minor said. “I specialize in realism, portraits, and black and grey tattoos, and Jeremy specializes in new school, black work, and pointillism tattoos.”

Marshall University graduate student Emaleigh Stevens said she has tattoos done by Minor. “I have five tattoos, and three of them are done by Saka at Tat- Nice,” Stevens said. “He’s my favorite. His lines are precise, he has gorgeous script writing and he’s easy to talk to.”

I think there are other great shops in Huntington, but I know our shop has such a wide range of artists who specialize in different things.

— Jeremy Moffitt, tatoo artist at Tat-Nice

Carly Nichols, a Marshall nursing student also had work done at Tat-Nice.

“It’s very clean, and it’s a little pricey, but you get what you pay for when it comes to tattoos,” Nichols said. “Having a good artist is worth the money and there is so much talent in that one shop.”

Moffitt agrees with Nichols when it comes to the quality of tattoos.

“Most of the cover-ups I do are sub quality work from shops that customers got because they’re cheap,” Moffitt said. “Good tattoos aren’t cheap, and cheap tattoos aren’t good. It’s not even so much that you’re paying for the equipment, you’re paying for the artist quality.”

Tat-Nice Tattoos is open to anyone but is usually filled with students because it is near Marshall.

Karima Neghmouche can be contacted at [email protected].