Thank A Donor Days give students an opportunity to show gratitude


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Thank A Donor Days is an event set to take place on September 5th and 6th from 9am to 2pm in the Memorial Student Center Plaza. This two day event is hosted by Marshall University Foundation and aims to provide a vehicle for showing gratitude to the many donors that help fund scholarships along with student organizations and their endeavors. Krystle Davis, the Program Director of Scholarship and Donor Relations, is organizing the 2-day event. It is the sixth annual year for the event, one that Davis is optimistic about. She said that it’s a great opportunity for students who have received scholarships and/or are part of an organization that receives monetary support to thank their supporters personally.

“The benefit of Thank A Donor Days is two-fold,” said Davis. “Donors love to hear from students every year. A lot of our donors were students at one time, so it’s great for them to hear what the students are up to, what their career goals are. It’s very encouraging.”

“Additionally,” said Davis, “Thank A Donor Days helps educate students in philanthropy, and we hope it may inspire students to give back one day. It gives former students an outlet to feel appreciated and valued, and it gives current students an outlet to appreciate all that they receive.”

Thank A Donor Days offers a multitude of activities on the 5th and 6th that students can partake in. Along with the option of writing thank you cards to specific donors or making posters to display in the plaza of the Memorial Student Center, Thank a Donor Days will also offer a photo booth, video interviews to send to the donor, and the option to record a “Thank View” message on students’ phones to send to their specific donors.

“A lot of our donors are tech-savvy, so that’s why Thank View messages are useful. it’s more personal to see your student and to hear them talk and the reaction on their faces. It helps the donors really appreciate and feel close to what they are donating to.” said Davis.

If students are interested in taking part in the festivities this Wednesday and Thursday, they are welcome to make posters to display in the Memorial Student Center Plaza. Students who wish to write thank you letters or thank a personal donor will have that information available to them in the Memorial Student Center Plaza. Marshall University Foundation will ensure that letters and messages get to the proper donor, so students are able to just show up with intent to show gratitude to the University’s generous supporters.

“This event is really important to say thank you,” said Davis. “ We have lots of donors at Marshall, and they deserve a couple of days to really be honored and encouraged for what they do for students.”

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