EDITORIAL: Preparing for the Fall semester

In just a couple of weeks, campus will be buzzing. Parking will be scarce, the student center packed, and student groups on the move in a mad dash to recruit. The energy of a new semester is always exciting—new classes, new professors, fresh optimism. It’s certainly a stark contrasat from finals week when everyone is just tired.

In preparing for the new semester, it can be overwhelming also. There are goals made, expectations delivered, and the constant pressure that faces our age group to have our lives completely figured out.

There are steps, though, that can ease the process, that can help us be successful and achieve, and be better for it:

Wake up early. The college student’s worst nightmare, but truly, to have time in the morning, unrushed and quiet can greatly impact the day ahead. Mediate. Pray. Read. Drink coffee. Start the day by doing things you love.

Exercise. We all know that exercise is important, but the benefits truly are astounding. Not only does it make us physically healthier, but mentally and emotionally as well. Also, having fitness goals helps to achieve other goals.

Keep your space tidy. Make your bed. A phenomenon in life is that when our homes and rooms are clean and tidy, there is something that just switches in us, making us more productive. Not to mention, after a stressful day where life feels out of control, it just feels so good to have a controlled space that is comfortable.

There are so many different ways to make life easier, but really it’s all about time management. The second we lose control of our time, other things begin to slip through the cracks.