West Virginia teachers: Statewide walkout over pay, benefits

West Virginia public school teachers took to the steps of the West Virginia Capitol building Thursday in protest over pay and benefits such as insurance rates. Teachers from all 55 counties throughout the state joined in the walk out, resulting in cancelation of all public schools throughout the state.

This comes after the 2 percent raise next year for teachers throughout the state. The thousands protesting say that the raise is not enough and that teachers deserve more. The chant heard throughout the halls of the capitol said, “Do your job so I can do mine,” referring to the state legislators.

“Time after time, we’re told that our public schools are the cornerstone of all the great things that can happen in our state and that education is the key to economic development,” Dale Lee, president of the West Virginia Education Association said Saturday when teachers gathered to protests. “Not only do they ignore us on these issues, but they purposely run legislation to weaken our public schools in the heart of our workers.”

Gov. Justice has not addressed Thursday’s protests yet.

The Parthenon will continue coverage of protests throughout the state.

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