Police Blotter



A young male was seen walking around Marshall parking lots Friday, Feb. 9 around 1:45 p.m. The man was seen asking people for money. He was also seen looking into empty vehicles and pulling on door handles. Officers made contact with him and realized he had been warned and arrested for trespassing multiple times in the past. He was placed under arrest and transported to Western Regional Jail.

Underaged Drinking

Officers discovered a young male unconscious between two vehicles in the commuter parking lot on 6th Avenue. When the male was conscious, officers discovered that he was not a student. Officers said the male had red eyes, slurred speech, a staggered walk, and smelled of alcohol. When the male opened his wallet, officers noticed two driver’s licenses. Officers questioned the male on his fake identification. The male claimed he was born in 1996, the year on the fake ID. The officers issued a citation for drinking under the age of 21 and possession of a fraudulent driver’s license.

Drug Violation

Sunday, Feb. 11, MUPD responded to a call where three students were found smoking marijuana on the 11th floor of Twin Towers East residence hall, where no one currently lives. The students were found sitting in the shower section of the bathroom. The students received citations for possession of a controlled substance.


A male was arrested for trespassing on Marshall property Monday, Feb. 12 at approximately 3:15 p.m. The male had been told multiple times before to stay off campus and university property. The male was first cited on the first floor of the Memorial Student Center around 3 p.m.. Officers then observed him leave the building and head west. He was seen in a stairwell of Drinko Library shortly after. Officers approached the male and reminded him that he was not allowed to be on the property. The male then informed MUPD he knew he was not allowed to be on campus. Officers arrested the male for trespassing, and he was transported to Western Regional Jail.

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