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Marshall students greet the snow day with open arms


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While Huntington lay in a quiet, snowy haze, Marshall students are celebrating their first full snow day of 2018. The half snow day on Tuesday provided students with a glimpse of the fun, yet restful, winter wonderland to come.

Some students said they are grateful for the snow day, not only because of the opportunity to rest, but also due to the hazardous road conditions. Many commuting students tweeted Marshall University’s main twitter account last night expressing their concerns about the road conditions.

“I was frustrated that the decision was made so late to cancel classes yesterday,” senior Josh Daugherty said. “I found it extremely difficult to drive and dangerous to navigate through Huntington.”

Daugherty said he agreed with the decision to cancel classes today because commuters’ concerns should be taken into consideration during inclement weather.

Sandra Clay, a freshman marketing student, spent her half day sledding with a group of friends Tuesday.

“Where I’m not from Huntington, it was fun to explore Ritter Park,” Clay said. “Since I went sledding on the half snow day, I plan to spend the full snow day bundled up in my blankets watching Disney movies and drinking hot chocolate. I have enough bumps and bruises from sledding.”

Going sledding today is Florida native Sara Moir, a junior marketing major. Moir said she has never been sledding and is super excited.

Senior education major RJ Corns said he also plans on having fun in the snow. One of those plans: a snowball fight.

“I plan on having a snowball fight with my fraternity brothers and friends,” Corns said. “Then probably watching ‘Black Mirror’ on Netflix to try and warm up from the cold.”

While some students are out playing in the snow today, others, like sophomore nursing student Abby Fowler, have no plans of leaving their bed.

“[I’m] only moving for snacks,” Fowler said.

Likewise, Anna Felty, elementary education major, is planning on spending time with her roommates and watching movies after getting ahead on some of her online classes.

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