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I want to sleep with my professor. He’s hot and smart. Is that ever okay?

No, it’s not okay. The power dynamic between you and your professor is such that a relationship together is unfair. The professor is your superior and has to evaluate your work. How can they do this fairly if you are sleeping together? While I’m honestly unsure if Marshall has a policy against this, I know many universities do. And for a good reason. If your professor is reciprocating your interest, or if you think they are, I would advise against encouraging it. Allow yourself an academic space free from the complications this relationship would surely bring.

Hi Alex! This could get confusing, so stay with me! My boyfriend has a best friend (15 year relationship, I should add). His best friend is dating someone who constantly talks bad about my boyfriend, and picks fights with her boyfriend whenever he chooses to hang out with his old friend group from high school. It’s really disheartening when my boyfriend says he feels like he is losing his person to a girl who has only been in his best friend’s life for a few years. I’m not the only one noticing the drastic change. A lot of the friend group from high school says the same thing. Things just don’t seem right, but we don’t know how to address my boyfriend’s best friend. What should we do?

This is disheartening. Unfortunately, we all have to learn how to balance romantic relationships and friendships as part of growing up. It seems that your boyfriend’s best friend may not be doing this in the best way. It’s not cool that your boyfriend’s best friend’s girlfriend (sheesh! Try saying that three times fast.) is saying mean things about your boyfriend or encouraging a separation in the friend group. Ultimately, only your boyfriend’s best friend can figure out what he needs to do. Have you discussed this with your boyfriend? It sounds like it’s an issue that heavily involves him. See what he says and offer your support. If your friends are uncomfortable with the way things are, try planning some activities without your boyfriend’s best friend and girlfriend. Don’t purposefully exclude them in a mean way, but don’t tolerate toxic behavior permeating your inner circle.

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