Chase Litton: new year, new man

Luke Creasy, For The Parthenon

Quarterback Chase Litton took Herd Nation by storm in his true freshman year, in turn, setting the bar high for his sophomore campaign, as well as the rest of his time in a Marshall uniform.

After disappearing in what were two of the biggest home games on the schedule, a Top 5 Louisville Cardinals team in Week 3 and the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers to end the year, it was brought to light that there were clear issues that needed addressed.

A hard offseason addressed some of those issues. Upon his return to fall camp, Litton was stronger and more physical, but, most importantly, he said he realized that his biggest weapon wasn’t his arm.

“It’s all from the neck up. That’s what separates the guys who are successful and unsuccessful, and I had to learn that the hard way,” Litton said. “I’ve had to take that on the chin and realize that the bond and chemistry of this team is the most important thing.”

The rising junior spent time with a legendary football family over the summer at the Manning Passing Academy, but even that was all a part of the process to turn the page from the previous year.

“It was great to pick their brains; great to learn from the two greats of football,” Litton said. “(They’re) the best family out there that’s ever played football, especially quarterback. It’s about just enjoying the process and really working for these guys out here.”

Head Coach Doc Holliday said he has noticed a clear difference in both the man and the player Litton is this fall.

“I think he’s grown from it and he’s learned from it,” Holliday said. “I see a different guy out there right now and I’m anxious to see how that carries over onto the field.”

One player in particular who was close to his quarterback through the whole process is the Herd’s center, Levi Brown, said Litton has returned with a more team-oriented approach.

“He’s become more of a person; talking to us and getting people’s input instead of making decisions that effect all of us,” Brown said. “I’m looking forward to snapping the ball to him.”

After the months of work and training, if you ask him, Litton is far from where he wants to be.

“I’m still turning [the page],” Litton said. “I’m still working every day. I’m not where I want to be, because this team hasn’t won every game yet, so I can’t be where I want to be.”

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