LSAMP encourages minority STEM students

Marshall University’s LSAMP Program, Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation, encourages students within STEM to reach their fullest potential to ensure their best possible futures.

LSAMP at Marshall is hopeful that spending valued time and showing continuous support to minority students will increase their chances of graduating and becoming successful individuals.

The program strives to make a difference in the students’ lives by giving them a sense of great accomplishment and giving them tools they can use beyond their college experience.

Girmay Berhie, PhD, professor and program director for the Department of Health Informatics, said the program is and always has been “all about the kids.”

“Many people do not know what LSAMP is or what it stands for,” Berhie said. “Many students do not know the benefits that can be afforded to them through this program. How can they participate in something they do not know about? This is why we are working on becoming a stronger presence on Marshall’s campus in letting our students know that we are here and we truly care about their success in the field of science, technology, engineering and math.”

Each year, LSAMP Programs in the Kentucky and West Virginia area gather for a symposium that showcases the students and their research they have worked on over the semester.

The weekend held in the spring semester includes informal sessions that help students with the graduate application process and networking opportunities.

“We have big goals for the fall,” Berhie said. “We are looking into more ways for us to become more active on campus so that students recognize who we are. As an organization, we do not turn anybody away. If someone comes and is seeking our help, we will help them. Primarily our job is to get the minority participation.”

Berhie said that being a part of LSAMP is a “family environment working together to make a difference.”

LSAMP has hopes of continuing the Annual Research Symposium each year and making it bigger and better as it goes along.

Christian Davis can be contacted at [email protected].