Graduating Seniors practice budgeting at Student Loan Repayment Workshops

The Marshall University Office of Student Financial Assistance is offering student loan repayment workshops this week, which help advise graduating students on how to overcome student debt.

The student loan repayment workshop is designed for assistance with exit counseling, a mandatory information session through that identifies all options for repaying student loans.

Senior financial aid counselor Tommy Gue guided the Tuesday workshop. He said a total of four students attended and others are missing information that could benefit their budget.

“Most of your loan borrowers are in a standard repayment,” Gue said. “For one thing, paying it off in 10 years versus 25 is saving interest payments in the long run. Also, it’s the default plan. A lot of people either don’t understand or don’t realize there are other plans they could choose from. There are always other options available.”

Following a six-month grace period, students must select a repayment plan based on their preferences and income. To avoid delinquency, or missing payments during economic trouble, there are possible changes and stoppages the workshop highlights.

Tara Hensley, a counselor in Marshall’s financial aid office, is currently repaying student loans of her own. She said no matter the repayment plan, being proactive is the best option.

“A lot of students don’t really understand loans and what they’re going to do after graduation,” Hensley said. “A repayment plan affects your life. When you’re paying bills, or when you get that new apartment that you want, I think it’s good to come to the workshop and know how to calculate and plan for it.”

The workshop will continue to run through March 29 in Drinko Library, room 349. Students who want to attend may review the library directory for individual session times. Students who attend may also have their name entered in a drawing for a diploma frame.

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