Jarvis, Kinner re-elected for a second term

The results of the 2017 Student Government Association election were announced Thursday, where incumbent president, Matt Jarvis, and incumbent vice president, Emily Kinner, won against opposing candidates Alex Parlock and Daniel Parlock.

More than 1,900 students voted in the SGA election, with Jarvis and Kinner winning with 1,030 votes, leaving the Parlocks behind with 874 total votes.

“To have that many students understand that our ideas aren’t unrealistic or crazy but are things that we can achieve together as a student body,” Jarvis said, “that we can achieve with the Huntington community, with President Gilbert, with Student Affairs, that the sons and daughters of Marshall have given us the opportunity to represent them for another year, is just overwhelming.”

The ideas Jarvis suggested are meant to highlight diversity on Marshall’s campus, beginning with the upcoming Unity Walk in April.

“We need to have these conversations. We need to celebrate our differences,” Jarvis said. “Starting with April we are going to have a lot of different intercultural programs. We are going to see a lot coming out of the Women’s Center. We are going to see a lot of different populations that are on campus but should really be represented on campus.”

Before the results for both the presidential and senate seats were announced to students and faculty who were gathered in the Student Affairs office, Matt James, the assistant dean of student affairs, said there really were no losers.

“There are no losers in this room, and I know that sounds cliché, but I get to say that because I’ve lived it,” James said. “I lost student body president, and I really wanted to lead theorganization. I came back, and long story short, I got to be student body president and that’s why I’m in my dream job now.”

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