MU Intercultural series continues

Marshall University’s INTO program hosted its third Cultural Series event Tuesday at the INTO Center, where two INTO students gave presentations on their culture.

The presentations give the students an outlet to explore their culture in a way that is familiar with them and new for the audience.

Molly McClennen, undergraduate pathways coordinator and instructor in the INTO program, said she enjoys learning from her students and hearing what they want to share about their culture.

“I come out to support my students,” McClennen said. “I just love learning something about their culture that I didn’t know. As their advisor and teacher, I enjoy seeing the confidence that they have after they have finished presenting. To have their presentation be positively received, I think that it is a really good experience for them.”

McClennen has worked with the INTO program coordinating the Cultural Series.

“What we do is ask the students to share a part of their culture that is important to them,” McClennen said. “We want them to share some aspect of the culture that they feel like they have some knowledge of that they would like to share with people in the U.S. and

from other countries that aren’t familiar with it. I feel like this gives them that confidence in speaking while sharing some aspect of their culture with Marshall.”

Matt Jarvis, a junior studying finance and economics, said events such as this are a great way for students to get involved with something they aren’t familiar with on campus.

“I’ve been really involved with the INTO program coming into my freshman year by being a conversation partner and since then I’ve kind of been hooked,” Jarvis said. “We have these events on campus for a reason, it’s just not for the same people to come over and over again. Get outside your comfort zone and learn more about the world around you.”

Marshall INTO plans to hold three more Cultural Series events and students have a chance to win an iPad for attending.

The next series will be on Wednesday, March 29 at 6:30 p.m. in the INTO building.

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