MU club combats anxiety, depression

A new club is emerging at Marshall University with members who want to combat issues such as anxiety, depression and suicide. “One Body” was started by three students who hope to create a more positive atmosphere on campus and in the community.

“One Body is an organization we all three decided to come up with to help students reduce anxiety, depression, stress, to prevent suicide on campus and to get them more involved so they’re not cooped up in their rooms,” president Leadra Harper of One Body and junior social work major said.

One Body will host an interest meeting, Feb. 24 at 4:30 in Twin Towers East Glass Lounge. At the meeting, the group will discuss possible activities and volunteer opportunities.

“We’re going to explain what our club is about; we’re going to get new ideas and topics,” vice president Unique Robinson of One Body and sophomore social work major, said. “We want people to get involved and we want them to give us ideas to make them feel a part (of the group) just as much as we are.”

The group has plans to donate to Toys for Tots and the local soup kitchen but also want to focus their efforts on organizations that are not as well known.

“What’s really important for us, for the organizations we’re going to be helping with, we want to do more under the ground ones rather than the ones you see every day, because the underground ones you don’t see people helping,” Harper said.

One Body members have the goal to reopen a food pantry on campus for students who cannot afford meal plans or fast food. They propose that restaurants in the student center could possibly donate unsold food to the pantry.

“I was at the Pizza Hut and there was a gentleman taking stuff out and moving it,” Harper said. “They were throwing it away and there are so many kids on campus who can’t afford to buy this food. So instead of throwing it away, why can’t you give it out for free to students on campus.”

Friday’s interest meeting is open to any student who wants to be more involved on campus. The group will be holding an election for treasurer, which is also open to anyone willing to fill the position.

“The idea behind One Body is to make friends, even if you don’t think you guys could be friends,” Robinson said. “If you’re just sitting in your room and you’re bored all the time, then you’re more than welcome to come.”

Heather Barker can be contacted at [email protected].