Young Democrats begin to adjust to Trump’s America


More and more demonstrations have begun springing up across the country in reaction to the early policies and actions of the Trump administration.

On Marshall University’s campus, some organizations have been making attempts to spread their message and opinions throughout the community. One of these organizations is Marshall University’s Young Democrats.

“I’m hoping to work with the International Student Organization and the Muslim Student Association,” Young Democrats President David Crawley said.  “Another organization I’m looking forward to working with is Lambda, which is the LGBTQ rights organization.”

“We are the party of inclusion, so it’s always great when we can reach out to other people who are especially feeling afraid right now,” said Sophia Mills, vice president of programming. “But we also have some people in this organization who have been lucky to learn about organizing and I think that we have the opportunity to empower other people to organize as well.”

Marshall University’s Young Democrats hosted an event Feb. 9 in Harris Hall for those who wished to become more involved in the political process by teaching attendees how to write a letter to the editor.

“We are going to invite everyone from the community to come in and we’re going to do a workshop … so that they can get their voice out to newspapers like The Herald-Dispatch, The Charleston Gazette-Mail or even The Parthenon about issues that they’re concerned about in the current administration,” Crawley said.

Marshall University’s Young Democrats hoped this event would help get more people active in the process of democracy, no matter what party affiliation students are part of.

“Political issues affect us all,” Mills said. “You know these issues aren’t abstract, they affect our day to day lives and if we or any other organization can relay that to people then I think that’s a success.”

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