WMUL-FM seeking contributors

WMUL-FM, Marshall University’s resident radio station, will soon be holding recruitment meetings.

The next meetings will be held on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1. The meetings will be conducted by Adam Rogers, an executive director of WMUL. The first two meetings will be located in Drinko Library room 349 and the last two will be held in Drinko room 402. All four will be held at 3:30 p.m.

“I always love our recruitment meetings at the beginning of every semester because we get to welcome back our returning staff and have the opportunity to meet new people who are interested in joining one of our staffs,” Rogers said.

The primary goal of these recruitment meetings is to recruit volunteers who want to work for WMUL, as well as educate people about what WMUL does. Anyone can volunteer to work with the radio station, as neither prior experience nor a major in journalism are required. There is no limit to how many volunteers the station is willing to take.

“Way too many people we talk think they need to be a journalism major to join the station staff,” Rogers said. “That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Literally any major on campus can volunteer. We even have several community members volunteering on our staff. We are always looking to add to what we currently do at WMUL-FM and if we limited who could volunteer, that would in turn limit what kind of programming or events we could do.”

There are many positions the station is offering, such as sports reporters, DJs and even content creators. WMUL is always looking for new content to add to their weekly lineup. For those who don’t like being in the spotlight, and don’t want to be on the air or in the field, there are plenty of behind the scenes jobs available. These include equipment operators, moderators for incoming music and producers.

However, even when WMUL’s recruitment meetings aren’t going on, it’s possible to volunteer for the radio station. WMUL is always looking for new volunteers to help out.

“If someone misses one of our four meetings, they can still fill out an application to volunteer this semester,” Rogers said. “We don’t ever stop recruiting new staff members. So if someone is busy right now with work or adjusting to their class schedule, they can still fill out an application at any point in the semester and we would take the necessary steps to train them in what they want to do.”