CED Talks series kicks off with discussion of women in Trump’s America

Marshall University Student Affairs joined the Women’s Center and the Gender Studies Association to kick off the semester with the first discussion of the CED Talks series: “What’s Next? Women in Trump’s America — A Nonpartisan Discussion.”

Associate Dean of Student Affairs Carla Lapelle said the discussion was created as a result of concerns from a variety of students since the election in November.

“We hope this discussion will generate the next steps for resolution and to find out how Marshall can be involved,” Lapelle said.

Many students mentioned the fear of the unknown surrounding the incoming administration enhances their concern. History major Samantha Sheppard said she is “weary” for the future with Trump as president.

“It makes me very nervous,” Shepherd said. “Everything he said during the election and things that has come out after the election makes me very weary for the future. I don’t know where we are going to go from here.”

Marshall faculty served as mentors to lead the group discussions. Each group made a list of their fears, as well as a list of their hopes for the future with moderator-led table discussion.

The small groups were formed to discuss any feelings or concerns any person in attendance might have, and also ways in which Marshall can assist in a positive outcome. Common concerns included the possibility of losing healthcare and reproductive rights.

The CED Talk series will continue at noon on Feb. 15 with the discussion, “How to Make My Government Hear Me,” which will consist of a panel and participation discussion.

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