University budget to be cut an additional two percent

Marshall University’s budget will be cut an additional two percent, President Gilbert announced Thursday in the last faculty senate meeting of the semester.

“It’s about $1.24 million,” Gilbert said. “But there are things we can do to keep from hurting; we’ll increase the positional freeze, which means if there is a position open at the moment, we will not hire someone to fill it.”

Marshall’s budget has been cut about 16 percent since 2013, and the university has been working to handle the loss of $11.4 million.

Gilbert said he spoke with members of the legislature Monday about how Marshall has handled budget cuts and will continue to handle cuts.

“We’re looking at a tuition increase for the upcoming years,” Gilbert said. “We are talking with students and faculty about it after the first of the year.”

Governor-elect Jim Justice has also asked members of Marshall to assist and advise his transition team on matters of higher education and the substance abuse epidemic as he prepares to take office, according to Marshall Provost Gayle Ormiston.

Board of Governors representative Cam Brammer told the faculty senate about the board’s plans to observe classes over the next semester, “so they can see all the great work [the faculty does] and get involved.”

Brammer also praised the new marketing campaign, reporting that admissions are up 22 percent.

Chairman of the board Wyatt Scaggs said members of the board want to “get to know the faculty and really see how we can help.”

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