Workers World Party comes to Marshall

With the polarization that the U.S. election has brought, some Americans have begun to turn to third party candidates. Candidates like Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party member Jill Stein have been able to grab the attention of voters, and much of their targeted voters have been college students.

The Workers World Party is a Socialist organization concerned with issues such as the “Black Lives Matter” movement and taking down the “one percent.”

Teresa Gutierrez is the campaign manager for WWP candidates Monica Moorhead and Lamont Lilly.

Gutierrez spoke in the place of Lilly Monday night in Harris Hall, where she laid out the party’s platform for students who were looking for another option.

“One of the biggest challenges your generation has, especially as white youth, is of course to defend unconditionally the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement,” said Gutierrez. “That is, in our opinion, the struggle to free the oppressed and, in particularly, the black nation is the number one struggle in the United States and that is one of the greatest contributions.”

The party’s main goal is to benefit those who have been oppressed and to help with social issues across the world. The WWP differs from most political campaigns, because they say they have no interest in winning the White House.

“We often run elections like we have this year, not because we want win. We don’t want to go into the White House. We want to bring down the White House, we want to smash the White House! We don’t want to represent a system that oppresses everyone. So, we often run candidates so we can talk about the election.”

With the surge of candidates like Bernie Sanders and Gary Johnson, political ideologies like this have become more accepted than in years past. The WWP is one of many parties that have come out to voice their opinions this year.

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