Editorial: Some final thoughts on Tomi Lahren

Facebook Photo Tomi Lahren

Many people know Tomi Lahren because of her conservative, one-sided Facebook videos on social issues that are trending in the media. On her official Facebook page, she lists herself as a “news personality,” but she is actually the opposite.

Lahren works for a news organization called The Blaze, which is located in Dallas, Texas and is obviously aimed at a Republican audience. Her viral videos that have millions of views on Facebook are called “Final Thoughts with Tomi Lahren.” She has made it clear in many of her videos she is a Trump supporter and she said by posting these videos she is just doing her part to “make America great again.”

Lahren makes videos about topics ranging from the Black Lives Matter movement, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, to most recent police shootings of African Americans. Her most popular video so far is where she “shreds” Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the National Anthem, which has over 65 million views.

In her videos she slams people for not having the mindset of a conservative Republican. If someone does not have the same opinions as her, then you are a part of the problem. When she has guests on her show, she only brings guests on that support her opinion, not someone with the opposite opinion so she can have an intellectual debate. Forget that, her opinion is the only one that matters apparently.

If you read the comments on Lahren’s videos, especially on the Kaepernick video, the most common response is for Kaepernick “to leave the country since he hates it so much.” The problem is the people commenting are only listening to what Lahren says and living their lives based off of the opinion of this one woman and not watching Kaepernick’s speeches. He never said he hated America, he just is brave enough to point out that America has a race problem.

Side note: why does it always come back to “if you do not like this country, leave.” It’s not that simple, but that’s an editorial for another time.

Lahren is a prime example of white privilege in America. She grew up rich, basically got her show handed to her and has no real experience to talk about many of the issues that she does. Lahren makes her issues black and white, quite literally. She uses the outlet she has to contribute to the racial divide in America, instead of using it to bring people together.

Lahren cannot be considered a source of news. It is a disgrace to real news outlets that people consider her biased opinion news.