Bicycle theft becoming a growing issue in Huntington

Marshall University’s Police Department wants all students and residents to be aware of a bike theft issue that has been overcoming the city of Huntington, specifically on Marshall’s campus so far this semester.

“Suspects are bringing small bolt cutters, and cutting through regular bike locks like butter,” Jim Terry, director of public safety, said. Students and residents are encouraged to check on their bikes everyday, especially if they are left unattended for an extended period of time.

“Students with bikes should buy a specific u-lock, because they are much stronger than any other regular chain from your house,” Terry said. “A decent lock is strongly encouraged.”

Jeff’s Bike shop located at 704 6th Ave. in Huntington sells U-bolt locks for $25.

“Jeff’s is a great place to find this lock,” Lt. Gregg Pickens said. “They call it the New York Kryptonite Lock, because if it can survive in New York, it can survive anywhere.”

Residents with bikes are encouraged to always lock their bikes to a solid object that cannot be lifted over and to position the lock off the ground with the keyhole facing down. “These tips will make it more difficult for your bike to get stolen,” Pickens said.

Marshall University’s Police Department believes that this issue can be resolved with the proper precautions.

A sexual assault was reported over the weekend, and an investigation involving this issue is currently underway.

Jordan Nelson can be contacted at [email protected].