Bellomy a swing in the right direction

Cabell County native Brooke Bellomy was hired by the Marshall University Athletic Department this summer as the interim head coach for women’s golf.

Bellomy is a graduate from Cabell Midland High School and Campbell University and said she is excited with her new role as head coach.

Bellomy returns to the women’s golf team after being a volunteer assistant coach last year. While Bellomy said she was nervous about her new role, she’s now excited for the season ahead.

Today was the final day for qualifiers as the women’s season starts Monday with a home tournament.

“I’m impressed with how the girls played for the qualifiers,” the young head coach said. “The coaches could tell that the girls had been working hard all summer. It showed.”

Excitement was not only found with the head coach, but also with her players. Sophomore Leigha Holt said she was thrilled for Bellomy to be their new coach.

“She’s very positive and motivates us everyday,” Holt said. “Even though we’ve only had a few practices so far, she keeps everything positive.”

This positivity is earned after the team came off a seventh place finish at last year’s Conference USA Tournament, the best finish in 11 seasons.

Bellomy is fresh out of college, having graduated two years ago. This is a factor some may see as a weakness, but a strength in the eyes of Bellomy and her players.

“She knows what we are dealing with first hand,” Holt said. “She has played in college and understands what we are going through.”

Bellomy had similar thoughts.

“I am still fresh,” she said. “I know everything they are and will go through.”

The four-year standout for Campbell has felt the competition of playing in college and knows that it is a job in itself and continues to motivate the girls.

“My whole family grew up Marshall fans,” she said, “and my dad kept me updated while I was away at Campbell.”

She added that, as a sophomore, she once told her dad it would be great to be able to coach one day. She had no idea that day would come so soon.

In July as she accepted the position as the interim head coach, she took on the responsibly of a very young team. This year’s team is comprised of one freshman, three sophomores, one junior and one senior.

Bellomy said the need of the team is to “come back strong” and she believes that will be the case as they head into their tournament Monday.

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