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Students color away stress at CAB event

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Campus Activities Board hosted a coloring events Thursday during Stress Relief Week to engage students and take their mind away from the stressful atmosphere of dead week and their soon approaching finals. Students colored pictures of their choice and received a free coloring book when they completed a picture.

Student Christopher Swires said he shares the stressful feelings with other students and decided to stop by and color a picture to ease his mind.

“I was interested in coming because it is dead week and I am just trying to relieve some stress and I have actually been wanted to do a coloring activity for some time now,” Swires said. “I enjoy coloring at any time.”

“I would say at this point I am about half stressed, but half relaxed,” Swires said. “I would say this is definitely a good way to focus and relieve stress. It is also a good way to destress because it is relaxing and it is fun.”

Raul Moreno helped with other Stress Relief Week events and continued through the coloring program. Moreno said he likes to color to relief stress during this time.

“Here, students have the opportunity color to relieve stress,” Moreno said. “Coloring is engaging and fun and these designs are very specific. By coloring, students can stop focusing on stress and start focusing on creating and beautiful picture by using colors and that way they start stressing less. It is an activity to relieve their mind. Like, this is dead week and next week is finals so by coloring it will be easier to stop focusing on the stress of these couple of weeks. Just relax a bit and color.”

Moreno said some of his finals begin as soon as Friday of dead week.

“I have a lot of tests coming up myself,” Moreno said. “My first exam is tomorrow in my foreign language class, Japanese, so I’m planning on it being very hard. On a stress scale of one to ten, I’m about a nine right now.”

Marshall University students’ finals are approaching and some are set as soon as this Saturday. CAB’s stress relief week has been helping to relieve the stress that many students are carrying at this point in the semester.  The final event was a showing of “The Goonies” Thursday on Buskirk field.

Sabrena Hirst can be contacted at [email protected]

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