MU Kick Butts to ask students for support of Marshall anti-smoking policies

Marshall University’s Kick Butts day, an anti-smoking event sponsored by the Marshall Student Government Association, will take place Monday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. outside of the Memorial Student Center.


Chairwoman of the SGA Campus Life and Service Committee Rachel Rohrbach said the purpose of the event is to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking and ask students to sign a petition in support of Marshall’s tobacco free campus policy.


“Basically, its just going to have a petition saying that Marshall students support the ban,” Rohrbach said.


According to Rohrbach, the event is also designed to encourage those still smoking on campus to quit.


“People still do smoke on campus, even though it’s supposed to be smoke free,” Rohrbach said.


Rohrbach said her committee has been in charge of organizing the event. According to Rohrbach, they have divided up the tasks among members of the committee.


“Last year it was pretty much just one person doing it and it was really stressful,” Rohrbach said. “We divided up the tasks and really it’s been pretty simple this year.”


Rohrbach said this is the first year she has taken a leadership role with the event, but she did participate in it last year. According to Rohrbach, most students were in support of MU Kick Butts day.


“I think that everyone was pretty supportive,” Rohrbach said. “We had a lot of people sign the petition last year.”


Rohrbach said the event is open to everyone and stickers and cake will be available for those in attendance.

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