Potential for added break could ease fall semester stress

Hannah Sayre, Reporter

A fall break could come to Marshall University in 2015.

The Student Government Association has proposed a fall break in middle to late October that would begin in 2015. The break would either be both Thursday and Friday or just Friday.

Marshall student body president Duncan Waugaman said he has had this idea for a long time, and it would be very beneficial for the students.

“A lot of institutions have this break,” Waugaman said. “The span of time from Labor Day to Thanksgiving break seems like a marathon. With the help of President Kopp and the Faculty Senate, we can get this break in place for next year.”

The next step SGA must take is to write a resolution showing approval of the break. Then Faculty Senate must propose to amend the calendar to add in the one or two days in which the break would occur and approve the calendar as amended.

If passed by the Faculty Senate, it would then be sent to Kopp’s office for his signature.

“This is something I have talked with President Kopp about, and he supports the idea of a fall break,” Waugaman said. “I also think that the students of this university will be very happy to have a break during the stressful mid-semester exams and projects.”

Brooke Adkins, junior nursing major, said it would be great to have a fall break because it gets really draining going nonstop from August to Thanksgiving break.

Nigel Wallace, management and marketing double major, said the stress and tension that is created by school, work and extracurricular activities weighs on a person.

“I think a break would be extremely convenient for any college student who has to deal with ample loads of stress,” Wallace said.

Adding this fall break into the calendar for the fall 2015 semester would not affect Thanksgiving break in any way.

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