Tri-Sigma Chili Fest heats up Marshall

Members of the Marshall University community enjoyed chili and refreshments at the Sigma Sigma Sigma house on 6th Avenue Wednesday.

Along with a choice of vegetarian chili and chili with beef, ticket holders had their choice of a peanut butter sandwich or cornbread and soda or water.

Tri-Sigma president Conner Richberg said the annual fest was started by one of the sorority’s alum. Richberg said the sorority has held the event for over 10 years.

All proceeds from the event go to the foundation for terminally ill children in two hospitals in Texas and North Carolina. Richberg said the turnout this year was better than last year’s.

The chili was made by foundation chair Katie Lemon. Lemon said she made eight multiple gallon batches and used 110 pounds of ground beef.

This fest is Lemon’s first. Lemon she said it is important for the sorority to give to a cause and for the community to see what the sorority does.

Richberd said over 400 tickets were sold before the event. Sorority members handed out to-go orders at the door and served in the dining room.

Senior Tri-Sigma members will visit one of the hospitals they raised money for in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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