Resume 911 helps students prepare for job interviews

The Lewis College of Business had its first Resume 911 event as part of its second annual Professionalism Month Tuesday.

Students were able to speak with LCOB director in stakeholder engagement Glen Midkiff. Midkiff was able to give students’ resumes the attention they needed to ensure they were compliant with what employers look for in resumes. About 15 students attended within the two-hour time frame.

Junior accounting student Katherine Cauley said she benefited from this opportunity. Midkiff helped Cauley arrange her resume with the most important items listed first and giving examples to the skills she listed.

“I feel like getting your resume worked on will help you be more likely to get an internship or a job while you’re still in college,” Cauley said. “So, having a beefed up resume will help us succeed in that.”

Midkiff said the purpose of this event was to draw students’ attention to the importance of resumes and resume building.

“It’s their marketing tool,” Midkiff said. “It’s a way for them to get their name out there for employers to see how qualitied our students are.”

Midkiff said employers were concerned that students weren’t showing their best side when it involved resumes.

“They showed us that our students needed to improve their soft skills which include showing they can work on a team, their leadership ability, that they know how sell themselves at the interview, that they know how to dress for the interview as well,” Midkiff said.

Junior accounting student Andrew Gibb said he attended the workshop to strengthen his resume; this was Gibb’s first event on the way to receiving his professionalism certificate. Gibb will receive his certificate after attending five events, including one of the following: the career expo, the mocktail event or the etiquette dinner, which was last week.

“It’s good to get experience in general not just in the classroom but outside of the classroom as well in order to better yourself as a professional,” Gibb said.

Professionalism Month events are open to all Marshall students. Midkiff said she encourages everyone who can to participate.

Cheyenne DeBolt can be contacted at [email protected].