International Film Festival continues through Thursday at Keith Albee


Ryan Fischer

“Timbuktu” goes to the big screen for it’s second screening for the Spring International Film Festival at the Keith Albee, Feb. 29, 2016

Festival-goers can enjoy films from Israel to Mauritania during the International Film Festival, which will continue through Thursday at the Keith Albee Performing Arts Center.

Director of Marketing Angela Jones said international films have always played a role in the Marshall Artist Series.

“There’s always been international films since the start of the artist series, since day one,” Jones said. “But somewhere in the ‘80s or the ‘90s they switched to a festival format.”

Jones said she looks at other major film festivals when considering what films to select for the festival.

“The selection is so timely—the Oscars were just last night I always look to see what films are nominated for Oscars, what films were nominated for Golden Globes,” Jones said. “I like to see what films play at major festivals such as Cannes Film Festival, Toronto, Tribeca, Sundance.”

Jones said she also takes into consideration the languages and cultures represented in the films.

“I like to see what’s playing in the art houses in the big cities and then I try to select films that have languages that are either taught on campus or that represent the makeup of the international students, so a lot goes into it.”

Freshman chemistry major Talena Justice watched the screening of Timbuktu Monday evening.

“I liked the movie a lot, but the ending kind of left you hanging,” Justice said. “You definitely have to pay more attention to the little details and the symbolism. I mean, there’s subtitles but throughout some parts there isn’t, so you definitely have to pay attention to cues to tell you what’s going on.”

Justice said she felt watching the film was a learning experience.

“It definitely expands your views and gives you a lot of knowledge about different cultures,” Justice said. “And just watching that you pick up a few words in different languages and stuff.”

Tickets are $8 for general admission and free for Marshall students with their student ID.

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